r&r diary – “Get Behind Me Satan…” – 04.13.22

I am fascinated by Jimmy Page’s guitar technique. Especially when he plays acoustic guitar. I own a Led Zeppelin DVD that I have played obsessively over the years. Let’s just say: super well-worn. After many viewings I can confirm that Jimmy holds his pick like a communion wafer; so delicately, so gently, so reverently.

Not exactly what you’d expect from an acolyte of Aleister Crowley. But you know, human beings are tricky. Hoping to channel some of that Jimmy Page vibe, I ordered up a package of replica picks that Jimmy used in the 60’s. When I told the my partner in the band that I was using the same picks that Jimmy used, she looked at me like I admitted sacrificing cats to some dark god or something.

Maybe just my imagination, but I seem to be playing with a bit more assurance and confidence.A little more delicately too… I mean, maybe Vintage 666? Only the shadow knows… – Jammer

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