My Father, bless his soul, was a “talker.” He had the “gift of gab.” He’d often quote Vince Lombardi: “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.” 2017 in  America, it’s time for some serious getting going. We need to hunker in for a long battle, those of us who still believe in that old American Dream – inclusive, diverse, no walls, no divisions, just people. Human Beings trying their best to live meaningful, soulful lives.

Equality, Liberty, Fraternity!

My Father loved to tell me, “No one promised you a rose garden.” Right. We need to dig & plant, water & tend to, our own gardens. If we want roses we must plant them, and care for them, ourselves. But once we grow our own roses, we should share them with other folks. Gladly.

My Father  also would often say, “Make no small plans.” It’s easier said than done. There’s always failure & disappointment lurking around every corner. Broken dreams, broken hearts. But hell, sometimes you just have to plow ahead, “Damn the Torpedoes!”

We are working on our next whitewolfsonicprincess album. Tons of work left to do, but making slow, steady progress. We do have a rough concept for the album & a working title: “Alternate Boot.” We think it’s some of the best music we’ve ever recorded. Includes contributions from Tim O’Brien, Rich Meher, Ian Ogdon, Chuck Wasserburg, Randy Farr, Douglas Johnson, Victor Sanders & Steve Rutstein.

Still mixing, mixing, and more mixing. Still need to decide which tracks make the final cut. Thinking of Mastering it in L.A. or maybe once again in Nashville. We will do an IndieGoGo campaign to help finish it all. Bring it out in a blaze of glory. Still early stages. But the vision is there… yes, “Alternate Boot,” we can SEE it! Writing it all down helps clarify the VISION! WWSP Lives!




Yes, it’s safe to say, there has been an “Idiot Wind” blowing thru the Capitol, and it’s whipping across the land. What to do? Sing & play songs with all our hearts. Sing about love and mystery. And support others who do the same. In that small way, we do our part to stand against the madness. It’s really all we have, good vibes, and the ability to get together, and play and talk and support each other.

Yesterday was our first R&R Circus of 2017. A little gathering. Lots of worry & concern about the world on everyone’s mind. Almost seems like everything is falling apart right before our very eyes. Our great American Dream falling to pieces. But really, it’s up to us to keep the dream alive. Laughter, love, music, art, an engaged, generous, social conscience. These are our weapons. We must use them wisely. The important thing, we must use them! – Jammer

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-2-22-48-pmAll that’s happening in the world… MLK Jr. Day, January 16, 2017 just seemed more profound,  more resonant than ever. The day before, Carla and I sat in our kitchen and recorded a demo of Bob Marley’s great tune “Redemption Song.” One of the last songs he ever wrote.

Not many songs about “redemption” – the process of off-setting, compensating, making better. That’s our job right? To make things better? A better world, a better heart, a better head? Be better human beings. And try to help make the world a kinder, gentler, more understanding and compassionate place.

And sometimes you have to stand up, and speak. For yourself and others, just like Martin, just like Bob… “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds…”



“How to create a great r&r show?” Beats me. I mean, there are so many factors to consider. Time, place, the weather, vibe of the night, vibe of the people, the competence of the sound tech, the luck of the draw, the line-up, the order, the fates, the benevolent r&r gods looking down upon our sorry souls and taking pity.

Once in a great while everything converges. And it’s like magic. You didn’t create it. It just happens. Of course, nothing’s perfect. Perfection is that dream-state always just out of reach. So part of the whole thing is realizing that nothing is perfect, and still giving it everything. Being totally there in the moment.

So yes, great show, great night, great moments. But not perfect. That’s rock and roll. There are so many factors that come into play. A universe of variables. Can’t account for them all. That’s how it goes. And that “not perfectness” is actually the essence of rock and roll: cool, funky, grabs you by the lapels.

So yes, we did another one of our Toys for Tots Extravaganza shows last Saturday. It was just another r&r show. We were lucky to share the stage with lots of cool folks. It was great. Not perfect. R&R. Love. – Jammer

photo by Mary Schons


wwsp-house-concert-5-10-15-16Love. Right? It’s all about love. Our tag-line on Twitter is “A band in love with being a band.” And it’s so true. We love to write songs, we love playing music with our band in rehearsal, in the studio, and out and about in the world.

We’ve had lots of memorable shows. We’ve played on street corners, in theater lobbies, in parks (singing to the trees), on the lakefront (singing against the raging wind & surf), at art galleries, dive bars, dingy & cluttered basements, coffeehouses, living rooms, kitchens, churches, on main stages of black box theaters.

On October 15, 2016 we played our first official whitewolfsonicprincess House Concert. It was exhilarating. 2 sets, 22 songs, a house full of love. Nothing better. Love x Love = Love.


Photo by Prash Pokala

blackforest r&r theater

Black Forest our little fever dream of a theater group, birthed our band whitewolfsonicprincess. At least that’s how we tell the story. Black Forest = interpretive theater = we perform and you find an interpreter to figure out what happened. As one long-time observer of our work once said, “You do what you want.”

Over the years, we’ve evolved a kind of a r&r theater approach, and that’s what kicked open the door to the band. This photo shows us back at the scene of the initial crime: r&r theater at the Last Abbie Fest hosted this last weekend at the Den Theatre.

The sign says: Entrance –  “a gate, an opening, a door, or to hold interest & intention.”

“The myth looms larger than the reality.”R. Cotovsky (as Abbie Hoffman).


photo by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia




Yesterday it was a full moon and the Summer Solstice. Supposedly that hasn’t happened since 1967. So a special day. Cosmically special, right? To celebrate, we decided to release a “Summer Single” – one of the 1st songs Carla and I ever wrote together.

“Everything is Everything” is now a FREE download on BandCamp. It’s probably the closest we have ever gotten to a “Summer Single!” Stream it, download it, share it, etc. It’s our gift to the universe! – Jammer

carla & jimmy WGNWhat did we learn from our Radio Interview on WGN – The Nick Digilio Show? Check out Podcast here: http://wgnradio.com/…/whitewolfsonicprincess-theater-roots…/

1. Carla Hayden‘s first album -Bobby Sherman.
2. James & Carla met at a “slumber party” back in the old days.
3. Douglas Johnson was a child prodigy and has “a big brain!”
4. Doug & Nick share a “first concert” (same tour, different cities) – Rush.
4. Nick Digilio – was puked on at that same Rush concert.
5. All of us had lots of experience separating the “seeds and stems” on favorite LPs.
6. Chicago theater institution Richard Cotovsky has greatly inspired all of us!
7. It’s fun being on the Radio!

photo (1)They say you learn something from every experience. What did we learn at our show at the Underground Lounge on May 13?

1. Cub fans still like to drink to excess and dance to Journey songs.
2. Our audience is quite patient and loyal – they stayed for our set even though the sound guy was super late.
3. Our band actually plays quite well after multiple beers and shots of Jaegermeister.
4. If Jammer breaks a “high” E string. It’s not fatal.
5. A good set, tight and powerful? All is forgiven!


photo by Mr. Mo.