“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend…”

People often ask: “What’s with the name?” It came from a vision-quest fueled by peyote buttons and psilocybin mushrooms, and a visitation from Syd Barrett. Syd appeared out of the foggy mist, he was floating above the shimmering beach, humming a lyrical little nursery rhyme; and with shells, star-fish, and a few shiny black stones, he spelled out the name of our band in the glowing sand: whitewolfsonicprincess. One word. One thing.

whitewolfsonicprincess  is a Psychedelic Folk-Rock ensemble. We will be releasing our 3rd project: “The Alternate Boot Vols. 1 & 2” in January 2019. Vol. 1 conjures a bit of an Alt Country sound. Vol 2. highlights our Psychedelic Folk-Rock vibration. There are 7 songs on each CD.

The band emerged out of the avant garde theater scene in Chicago via Black Forest Theater Company, a performance group that presents edgy & original theater pieces. At the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Fest The Scotsman Paper compared our work to the work of The Wooster Group. Music and writing songs has been a significant aspect of our storytelling.

The songs are about life and loss, about being lost, and being found, and the mysteries underlying everything. Our name is a symbol – a wolf in a princess hat, high-heels, a peace symbol arm-band, clutching a few wildflowers. The princess/wolf symbol embodies a series of dichotomies: male/female, animal/spiritual, body/soul, low-born/high aspiration, aggressive/peace-loving, darkness/light. Forever seeking wisdom in the consciousness of the natural world. Ever-moving. Always exploring.

The Players:
Carla Hayden – vocals & percussion
James Moeller – guitar & vocals
Randy Farr -percussion
Steve Rutstein – drums
Ian Ogden – bass
Chuck Wasserburg – guitar
Nura A.  – violin
Douglas Johnson – basses
Rich Meher – drums & percussion
Tim O’Brien – bass & vocals
Victor Sanders – guitar & keyboards
Nick Anaya – saxophone
Steve Gibons – violin
Bob Long – keyboards
Tony Vick – bass & guitar
Maria Storm – violin
Ben Davis – cello
Sanjay Mehta – drums
Sara Thompson – bass & vocals
Michael Fox – violin