“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend…”

People often ask: “What’s with the name?” It came from a vision-quest fueled by peyote buttons and psilocybin mushrooms, and a visitation from Syd Barrett. Syd appeared out of the foggy mist, he was floating above the shimmering beach, humming a lyrical little nursery rhyme; and with shells, star-fish, and a few shiny black stones, he spelled out the name of our band in the glowing sand: whitewolfsonicprincess. One word. One thing.

21st Century Druid Music! Songs about trees, rivers, mountains, dogs, love, Gaia, and the “inner light.”

The band emerged out of the avant garde theater scene in Chicago via Black Forest Theater Company, a performance group that presents edgy & original theater pieces. At the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Fest The Scotsman Paper compared our work to the work of The Wooster Group. Music and writing songs has been a significant aspect of our storytelling.

The songs are about life and loss, about being lost, and being found, and the mysteries underlying everything. Our name is a symbol – a wolf in a princess hat, high-heels, a peace symbol arm-band, clutching a few wildflowers. The princess/wolf symbol embodies a series of dichotomies: male/female, animal/spiritual, body/soul, low-born/high aspiration, aggressive/peace-loving, darkness/light. Forever seeking wisdom in the consciousness of the natural world. Ever-moving. Always exploring.

Carla Hayden – vocals & percussion
James Moeller – guitar & vocals
Randy Farr -percussion
Chuck Wasserburg – guitar
Nura A.  – violin
Michael Hovanian – double-bass
Tim O’Brien – electric bass & vocals
Steve Rutstein – drums
Tony Vick – electric bass
Ian Ogdon – electric bass
Douglas Johnson – electric & double-bass
Rich Meher – drums & percussion
Victor Sanders – guitar & keyboards
Nick Anaya – saxophone
Steve Gibons – violin
Bob Long – keyboards
Maria Storm – violin
Ben Davis – cello
Sanjay Mehta – drums
Sara Thompson – electric bass & vocals
Michael Fox – violin