01.08.19 – Liam Heneghan – Author of Beasts at Bedtime: “… music that is so driving, surging, muscular and vivacious…  these songs become magnetic and unforgettable.” (For the full review go here: New Music).

01.08.19 – Pat McDonald,    “… to travel with whitewolfsonicprincess in “The Alternate Boot” is to float in a dream and destiny of magical thinking, ethereal musicality and images of promise… and we all arrive together. (For the full HollywoodChicago interview go here: Interview).

02.23.16Broken Hearted Toy: – The Shadow Of The Marigold is a brooding though engaging effort, filled with sacred and destructive imagery. Hayden sings of “thorns and thrones” on the acoustic-based title track, and observes, “The people are broken now/Spirits in the lost and found.” On “Bathed In Black,” Moeller leads us into apocalypse where, “The stars are falling around our heads” and “The earth has decided to halt.” The bluesy “Paralyzed” uses a handful of lyrics to express a sense of betrayal, and the hard-edged “Black Dog Running” creates a ritualistic ambiance.

The more hopeful “Lavender Rays” evokes Kate Bush, as Hayden—with perhaps her most gorgeous vocals yet—describes a vision while the band envelopes her in a haunting Celtic arrangement. “Roses In The Branches” also strikes a positive note, with poetic references to stars, flight, and charms. It offers a soothing end to this challenging album by putting the universe back in its natural order.”

02.04.16Lord Litter (Musician & DJ)- White Wolf Sonic Princess – The Shadow of the Marigold … “VERY difficult to come close to .. yes – one could say *folk_e_delic with heavy 60s touch* .. but what does this mean? …its floating somewhere .. n then its floating somewhere else .. loose open structured … names for comparism that seem to appear disappear quickly .. its music for open air festivals .. I can imagine 20 minute versions of these songs .. well.. I think its not completely wrong to say this is like a lost classic from the Freak days when music was part of the freedom .. of the attitude.. nothing is overdone here .. nothing is too much . nothing is pretentious …yes .. I like this.. ” – Lord Litter (february 2016)

02.08.15 – Lord Litter (Musician/DJ): “It’s underground – it’s unique – not “roots” or “rock” .. or … whatever – if at all it reminds me on free floating bands I know from my *cassette scene days* like Blacklight Braille, bands not caring for a *style* or trying to *pigeon-hole* to serve a market. I was in touch with a musician who was member of the last line up of The Seeds. He sent me some last recordings – there I found a similar *flair* – the music sounded different but the *just music* element was there too. Yes – I guess it’s timeless music created with a basic guitar, bass, drums ,vox (plus guests) line up. If you are not looking for something previously defined .. check this out.!” -Lord Litter – feb, 2015

11.31.12 – Illinois Entertainer Around Hear:  whitewolfsonicprincess – “founding members, singer Carla Hayden and singer/guitarist James Moeller, have origins in avant-garde theater, but on their second release, 10 + 1, their provocative poetry flows within more accessible songs. That’s particularly evident in the Neil Young-style fury behind “Inner Light” and on the soaring guitar by Victor Sanders on “Lady In The Sand.” Most of the 11 tracks move at a leisurely pace, but the powerful “Sad-Eyed Prophet Reprise” is reminiscent of Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up.”  – Terrence Flamm

05.08.12 – Broken Hearted Toy: CD Review: whitewolfsonicprincess 10+1: “It’s easy to tell from the songs on 10 + 1 that whitewolfsonicprincess founding members vocalist Carla Hayden and vocalist-guitarist James Moeller come from an avant garde theater background. Their stream-of-consciousness lyrics conjure striking images that resist interpretation, while Hayden, who does most of the singing, employs a sultry, almost spoken word delivery. Still, Hayden and Moeller, backed by bassist Tim O’Brien and drummer Rich Meher, seem more at home as recording artists on this second effort. Their engaging music taps into Bob Dylan and Neil Young, as well as English folk revivalists like Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention.

While much of 10 + 1 is cryptic, there is a mystical theme that runs through it, particularly on “Sad-Eyed Prophet” and “Lady In The Sand.” The former features guest musician Steve Gibons on violin, while the latter benefits from some searing guitar playing from guest musician Victor Sanders. Moeller sings lead on the sparse, Young-like “Inner Light,” which deals with spiritual confusion, while “Radio Man,” thanks to Hayden’s vocals and guest musician Nick Anaya’s saxophone playing, exudes a nocturnal jazz ambience. The + 1 refers to bonus track, “Sad-Eyed Prophet Reprise,” on which guest musician Bob Long evokes Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up” with some powerful organ playing.”

04.06.12 – Southside on the Town: “Before premiering live selections off the new CD, 10 + 1, whitewolfsonicprincess founding members, Carla and James opened with an emotional (and teary) speech thanking those who made the album possible. SouthSide highly suggests honing into your organic side to this band’s psychedelia groove amidst the modern folk/rock sound and music at their next performance. whitewolfsonicprincess (one word, blogspot readers) rocked the stage with a lively version of the new album that featured energizing momentum and spirit reminiscent of the late 60s/early70s folk scene as heard in opening song, Inner Light (listen closely to the lyrics and … more >>

04.05.12 – Broken Hearted Toy:A Wolf and a Princess Emerge from the Forest: whitewolfsonicprincess hosted a 10 + 1 CD release party at the Redline Tap this past Sunday afternoon. Despite the unusual time slot, the event drew a good-sized crowd that was treated to free pizza and a cake decorated with the 10 + 1 cover. It was fun seeing some of my old mates from Famous In The Future, Frank Carr, Desiree Burcum, and Michael Hora. Carr and Burcum have a musical side project, dubbed The Rut, that has performed at some of WWSP’s tribute shows. The core of WWSP – – vocalist Hayden, guitarist Moeller, bassist Tim O’Brien, and drummer Rich Meher – – took the stage. Moeller explained that 10 + 1 is best appreciated when all 11 tracks are heard straight through. The quartet played a few of those songs before being joined at separate … more >>