Jarvis Square Pottery – Photo by Katje Lilith Sabin2019

I am actually at a loss for words this morning. I know, hard to believe.

Our show last night at Jarvis Square Pottery was an amazingly good one. I mean, it was extraordinary pretty much in every way: fabulous crowd, joyous vibe, sterling sound; our opener Lars Von Keist’s performance was captivating and exhilarating, and our band was totally alive in the moment.

Magic really does regularly happen at that gorgeous storefront. We have had many remarkable shows there, this had to be one of the finest. It happened. It really, really happened. If you were there, you know, if not, well, let me just say: it happened!Jammer

The Telepaths @ Savemore Lounge 05.28.22 – Photo by Carla Hayden

Not many folks know that two bands emerged from the 2005 Black Forest play, “Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath.” It’s true, both WWSP and The Telepaths were little seedlings hurled from the maw of that mother of a mind-bending, fevered, shiny beast play. The bands share a couple members, as well as the same creative spark, and the DIY spirit of just fucking showing up and laying it all on the line, always. Damn the torpedos.

Both bands were on the bill last Saturday at the SaveMore Lounge a “spiffy new dive bar” that turned out to be less spiffy and more dive. Yikes! Carla took this photo. It really does capture the religious devotion and the weird, ballsy mystery of the r&r thing.

Carla writes: Jammer kneeling to the rock gods, humbly honoring his Tele, making some telepathic magic!

Jammer writes: The Telepaths at Savemore, with Telecaster & vocalist Pat McDonald… honoring the gods of garage.

BTW – what a fabulous photo. Pretty iconic. Sort of captures the magic, and the mystical soul of the work we all love to do. – Jammer

Hello All – So happy to announce two cool WWSP shows coming up in May. Hope you can join us for one or both of these. We will be doing totally unique sets for each show with the latest whitewolfsonicprincess lineup. New players, and a few special surprises too. – Peace & Love – Carla & Jammer

First up: Sunday Afternoon, May 22, 2022 – Sketchbook Brewing – 4901 Main St, Skokie, IL – 3:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. – 2 sets. Outdoor on the Patio (weather permitting) inside if not! FREE. Donations welcome!

2nd show: Saturday Night,May 28, 2022 – Savemore Lounge – 4060 N. Lincoln Ave – “Spiffy-new Dive Bar” in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago. “Kitsch. Mid-Century. Cheap Beer.” The Telepaths host the night. whitewolfsonicprincess opens 9:00 p.m. Nick Allen will follow a solo set, and the The Telepaths will close. $10, Suggested at the Door! New place. Old Friends. Cheap Beer. “The finest new Rumpus Room on the Northside!”

WWSP Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day Spring 2022. Thank you to our good friends Steve & Tim Breitberg at Vintage Vinyl. What a wonderful day. I rang the bell for peace & love, looked up into the blue sky to see a hawk, circling, circling… So WWSP! Really grateful to be alive and creating with these amazing players. (Michael Hovnanian, Chuck Wasserburg, Randy Farr) and of course, creating with Jimmy Jammer. Love! Love! Love! – Carla

WWSP in front of Vintage Vinyl

We set up on the sidewalk, two guitars, a double-bass, percussion, vocals, small p.a. A hawk circled above us just before we started. We took it as a good omen. The set was wild and windy. It was a total blast… Record Store Day at Vintage Vinyl, nothing better! – Jammer

I am fascinated by Jimmy Page’s guitar technique. Especially when he plays acoustic guitar. I own a Led Zeppelin DVD that I have played obsessively over the years. Let’s just say: super well-worn. After many viewings I can confirm that Jimmy holds his pick like a communion wafer; so delicately, so gently, so reverently.

Not exactly what you’d expect from an acolyte of Aleister Crowley. But you know, human beings are tricky. Hoping to channel some of that Jimmy Page vibe, I ordered up a package of replica picks that Jimmy used in the 60’s. When I told the my partner in the band that I was using the same picks that Jimmy used, she looked at me like I admitted sacrificing cats to some dark god or something.

Maybe just my imagination, but I seem to be playing with a bit more assurance and confidence.A little more delicately too… I mean, maybe Vintage 666? Only the shadow knows… – Jammer