I am fascinated by Jimmy Page’s guitar technique. Especially when he plays acoustic guitar. I own a Led Zeppelin DVD that I have played obsessively over the years. Let’s just say: super well-worn. After many viewings I can confirm that Jimmy holds his pick like a communion wafer; so delicately, so gently, so reverently.

Not exactly what you’d expect from an acolyte of Aleister Crowley. But you know, human beings are tricky. Hoping to channel some of that Jimmy Page vibe, I ordered up a package of replica picks that Jimmy used in the 60’s. When I told the my partner in the band that I was using the same picks that Jimmy used, she looked at me like I admitted sacrificing cats to some dark god or something.

Maybe just my imagination, but I seem to be playing with a bit more assurance and confidence.A little more delicately too… I mean, maybe Vintage 666? Only the shadow knows… – Jammer

WWSP @ Montrose Saloon. Photo by Carla

whitewolfsonicprincess, (WWSP) played to a very warm & welcoming crowd last night (03.26.22) at Montrose Saloon. So grateful for the band and all the lovely humans who came out. Thank you again to the staff and sound engineer. ❤️ So awesome to put the vibrations out into the universe. Here is a pre-show photo of Jammer talking to Tom Ertel. – Carla

Pre-show photo from the Lovely Carla Hayden last night at the Montrose Saloon. A fabulous night. Amazing, enthusiastic crowd. Our band was in fine form. Debuted our new lineup. Felt so good to be in a roomful of people spreading the WWSP vibe! Jammer chats with super-fan, and super-soul-friend Tom Ertel. – Jammer

Happy Equinox! We are taking PRE-ORDERS (March 20, 2022 to April 1st, 2022 ) for our new WWSP t-shirt: “Crow with Pearls” – printed on a Black, short-sleeve, 100% cotton, T-shirt. First run will be printed by Fine Southern Gentlemen in Austin TX. Delivery by the end of April, 2022. Let us know Qty and Sizes! Original drawing by Carla Hayden ©. $35 per t-shirt – Shipping Included!


Peace & Love Carla & Jammer

Hello All — So happy to be able to say that WWSP has emerged from the surges and storms, the hurly-burly and ups and downs of an adventurous life, totally re-energized and ready to play music indoors once again.  We will be taking the stage at Montrose Saloon, 2933 W. Montrose, Chicago next Saturday March 26 @ 9:00 p.m.

 It’s Primetime, Baby!  Suggested donation $10.

We are on a multi-band bill, more details on FB can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/771800507506032

It will be a new lineup for WWSP.  We are so excited to unleash the new sound and alchemy of WWSP 2022.

This incredible group of musicians brings classical sophistication crossed with the vibe of the street to our original songs. Here’s our latest whitewolfsonicprincess lineup:

Carla – vocals & percussion

James – vocals & acoustic guitar

Randy – various percussion

Chuck – electric guitar

Nura – violin

Tim – electric bass

Michael – double bass

So happy to be on this continually evolving creative mission. We are lucky and grateful. Hope can join us. – Peace & Love 

– James & Carla

Yes, an intense & revealing conversation yesterday with a close band member. We talked about how much music means to us: the listening to it, and the playing of it. We both agreed that early in our lives, since we were young, snot-nosed kids, music has been a major kick, an inspirer, & guiding light. Might sound overblown, but both us believe music has been our primary spiritual path for most our lives.

Music is a way, a calling, a faith, a religion, a mission, a reason to believe, and a reason to live. It’s all about “them old Kozmic” vibrations wafting over us and thru us. Imagine being in a rehearsal room with a fabulous collection of collaborators, all working together, listening, responding, giving their all to a collective energy. Transformative. Life-changing, life-affirming. The best stuff, no doubt.

The folks in the room. The souls in the room. The human beings in the room. The spirits in the room. The collective energy in the room. Everything counts. Everything. 

Open the door; beckon, invite, congregate with a select group of beings. Open your arms, open your head & heart. Collect & accumulate the energy. Create together. Create something bigger and beyond the ideas of the folks in the room, bigger and beyond the hopes & dreams of the folks in the room. Experience the power, the glory, the beauty. Take in the focused discipline of a group of individuals; unique, extraordinary, alive and attentive to each moment.

Magnificent. To be one of the folks in the room a great honor and a life mission.  You know, a practice, a form of worship, a calling. – Jammer

You may think that fin belongs to a Cadillac. Nope, that’s Spotify! It’s crashing baby, riding that disinformation pipeline into the freaking ground! Hah!  You go Neil Young – Reprise Records!

Yes. This an easy call for me personally, for our band and our music too. Spotify is sort of a blight on the music industry, especially for artists, basically pennies for streams, just not equitable. On the one hand, you think it’s cool to be on a platform that has a global reach, but on the other, you realize you give up control to a app and company that truly devalues music and the artists who create it.

We are pulling all of our music off of Spotify in solidarity with Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Joni Mitchell and many more.  It feels good to self-de-platform. Why? Spotify has chosen to let Joe Rogan’s podcast spread Covid Vax Disinformation across the planet for $.

Disgusting. Un-cool. A poor excuse of a business model, spreading disinformation, ignorance and disease. Bye, bye Spotify!

Good riddance Spotify. Thanks for the pennies. whitewolfsonicprincess stands with Neil Young – Reprise Records, Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren. Disinformation for $, that is a poor excuse for a business model… Jammer

WWSP PSA – SPACE show Postponed!

Hello All – It is with great disappointment that we must announce the postponement of the January 19th 2022 whitewolfsonicprincess show at Space.

We are sad, and the decision was not made lightly. However due to the recent Covid surge we feel it is the best decision for our band and our fans at this time.

A new date will be announced. We miss you all and look forward to celebrating and sharing new music with you soon. Stay safe friends! Peace and love – Carla & James

Happy New Year!

As that old song from the band Chicago asks: “Does anyone really know what time it is?” Nah. Not really. Our new motto for this year: “Life, not what you think!”

Mathematics may be the language of the Universe, but, you know, you can’t put a number on the most valuable things in life: Love, Music, Poetry, Dance, Laughter.

This New Year’s Day morning we are listening to “World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda” (2017) – This record was a major discovery for us in 2021. Just spinning it seems like a spiritual quest. So beautiful, passionate & holy.

We actually ended up purchasing a handful of Alice Coltrane cds in 2021. This one, a late career collection from “rare ashram tapes” is bold, breath-taking, powerful, life-changing & life-affirming. Alice Coltrane was a giant in music and in life. Her art, her dedication to the spirit is a joy and an example. Devotion. Yes. What a great way to start the new year.  The music swells, and washes, and cleanses the soul.  “Shanti… Om… Shanti…” – Jammer