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Could you bottle that? 

I always talk about catching lightening in a bottle, catching that magic, somehow, capturing the un-capture-able in a live performance, whether it’s theater, dance, poetry, music, etc. Somehow holding the moment of lift-off, transcendence, ecstasy, and then, once you have mysteriously, improbably, bottled it, every once in awhile you could uncap it and take a whiff? Get high on the fumes of the eternal.

Last Saturday night we played a little storefront place called Jarvis Square Pottery. It’s a little treasure. First time we walked in we fell in love. And all the elements of the night came together. Our band whitewolfsonicprincess played a tight, powerful, rocking set, and the room just vibrated with positive vibes and energy. Sometimes the audience is just another member of the band. Band and audience are in conversation, a conversation of vibes, creating something else. What you are creating together is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than you can explain.

It was that kind of show. I can’t imagine how it could have played out any better. Could you bottle that? Nope. You can’t. You can only experience it. It’s the whole thing. The whole love. – Jammer

They say, if you want a successful Indiegogo campaign, you should have a video. So the Lovely Carla and I decided to give it a go. This one features our song “Brown Eyes,” from our upcoming release The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2. The challenge was to take video that our friend Trisha Connolly captured on her iPhone, sync it with our studio track, and layer in some other cool imagery. Owls!

It was a bit of a challenge, the lighting at The Store was kind of dark, but we love the saturated colors and the blinking lights. Another little creative rabbit hole! Hope you check it out. Also, be sure you visit our Indiegogo page, our campaign runs until Nov. 2:

We need your help and support to fully realize beautiful dream! Thank You! – Jammer

TheAltBootEventPageSept_Nov2018.pngHello Friends & Fans -We are so excited to announce whitewolfsonicprincess’ new album – “The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2” to be be released a bit later in 2018. We are reaching out for your help to finish up the project and to secure funds to promote to radio stations near and far.

Please consider joining our Indiegogo Campaign today! We will be running the campaign from September 15 to November 2. We have a number of cool “perks” as “Thank You’s” for your kind and generous donations. To learn more about our project, to donate, and to claim a perk, go to:  We are grateful for your support!

Thank You…

Carla & James





We have performed in some extraordinary places: A 100 year old church, a sidewalk, a park, a black-box theater, an attic, a kitchen, High Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. Every time we play, we give it our all. There really is no other way.

This last weekend we performed as a trio at the Milwaukee Art Museum. An extraordinarily beautiful building designed by Santiago Calatrava. Breathtaking.

It was a perfect day. Blue skies, sparkling lake, sunshine pouring down. It all came off perfectly; the ride up, the setting up, the performance, the post-show takedown, the post-show meal, and the ride back.


We were totally in tune with the day.

What an amazing, inspiring building, what a incredible experience. The event was all light and sunshine and the improbable expansion of human consciousness and creation. We filled this extraordinary space with our uncommon sound. Vibrations. Yes. It was validating. A good one for sure. – Jammer

Photos by Carla Hayden & Joan Levergood


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The Lovely Carla and I always talk about “expanding the circle.” Meeting new people. Making new friends. Performing in new places. Pushing forward. Creating an inclusive vibe.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to perform at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Sept 9, 2018, @ 1:00 p.m. We will set up in the atrium. A gorgeous setting for our performance. There will be a special lineup for the show, just three of us: Douglas Johnson on double-bass, James Moeller on acoustic guitar and Carla Hayden on vocals & percussion.

We hope to fill that amazing space with music and energy, expand the circle, make new friends. A free show, open to all. We’ll let you be in our dream, can we be in yours?




wwsp @ the rock house

One advantage to being a band that plays music in the Chicago area, the opportunities to play seem pretty inexhaustible. There are bars, churches, art galleries, street corners, concert halls, parks, homes, basements, coffeehouses.

This weekend we played the Rock House in Glenview, and leading up to the show, I kept quoting an old Ernest Hemingway short story,  “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” So true. A very nice, clean, well-lighted, little venue, serving coffee, snacks, pizza, beer and wine. Did I mention the lighting was great and the sound was superb? An excellent music room.

First time we ever played there, first time we were ever in Glenview, for any reason. The trek from Evanston was actually quite beautiful. We rented a car; an enjoyable a tree-lined jaunt.

We shared the stage with one of our favorite bands, The Remember Knots, and they debuted some new tunes and totally captivated the room. A hard act to follow. We did our best to fill the space, and keep the positive vibe going.

There was sort of a David Lynchian decor: red drapes, dangling chandelier, all that was missing was a little dancing guy. We felt good about our performance, lots of good post-show comments, made some new fans, sold some CDs. That was a good one!  The Never-Ending Tour continues… – Jammer

AB Reference MastersWe just received the “reference master CD’s” for our forthcoming release “The Alternate Boot Vol. 1 &2” from Lurssen Mastering today. So exciting. Another step forward in our mad, two year, adventure.

It’s been a pleasure, and a kick, to work with the legendary Gavin Lurssen. Gavin and his team were so knowledgeable and professional.  We are big fans of many of the records he has mastered, including Lucinda William’s “West,” Sturgill Simpson’s “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss’ “Raising Sand.” We were hoping to conjure of a bit of that same mojo for our record. The proof is in the listening. To our ears every track now has a bit more power, presence, richness, & shimmer.

We started with fully-realized tracks to begin with, thanks to the recording and mixing wizardry of Victor Sanders at Lakeside Media in Chicago. And well, we worked with a pretty incredible group of musicians to help bring the songs to life.

Next step: Carla is working on the CD packaging now. We are kicking around some cool cover ideas. Another creative rabbit hole. Every step counts. The process: meticulous, obsessive, a bit mad, no, I mean like completely, totally insane. But we love it. Love doing the work. Always, always doing the work.

When will this project get launched into the Universe? Thinking this fall?  – Jammer