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You may ask yourself, can I purchase whitewolfsonicprincess’ latest CD, “The Alternate Boot Vols. 1&2” at my favorite mass-market retailer? Can I buy “The Boot,” any place where CDs are sold?

The answer, dear pilgrim, is a resounding “Yes!”

We too are very surprised and gratified to bring you the good news.  In stock now! Think Amazon, Walmart, Import CDs, Deep Discount, Fye & Ebay.  Pretty cool. WWSP the new “mass-market” phenomenon! – Jammer

“Village of the Mermaids” by Paul Delvaux (1942)



wwsp @ reggies 2019

We played a r&r show on Sunday afternoon, Father’s Day 2019 at Reggies, one of Chicago’s great music meccas. The Lovely Carla Hayden (our lead singer), dedicated the show to “all the fathers past and present,” as well as to “peace and love.” It was a heavy thing to do. Lots of energy to take on in that little r&r haven. It definitely brought a focus to our performance. We were playing in front of some folks we knew, and a whole contingent of folks we didn’t. Lots of strangers in the crowd.

We were loud. The sound-tech at that place likes to blast music at maximum volume. Maybe best to cut through the small-talk, the bar-talk, the alcoholic haze. We thought it probably killed a bit of the nuance in our band dynamics, but at the same time it was a bit cathartic to just overwhelm the room with our sonic vibration.

We had a few “sound issues” the stage monitors didn’t seem to be working correctly on the first few songs, I couldn’t hear my guitar very well, didn’t know what was happening, couldn’t tell if I was in tune or out, I had a few guitar glitches, but by the 4th song everything was working & clicking. Our band pulled together and just kind of took off into the stratosphere.

We played a full set, over an hour of original music, and by the end, we were one solid unit playing our heart’s out for all to hear. I nearly spontaneously combusted on stage. I always run hot, but this time my whole body just went up in flames. I felt like I was sacrificing my body to a higher cause. Afterwards I was totally drained, spent, I felt like a hollow husk, drenched in sweat, totally exhausted.

As we were leaving, two beefy “door guys,” dressed like bikers, long hair, denim, boots, tattoos, cigarettes in hand, told us we “sounded great.” Hah! That was unexpected. Can’t think of a better token of validation for the whole mad little adventure! R&R! – Jammer

Photo by Joe Lapsley



This breathtakingly gorgeous photo was taken by Katje Lilith Sabin  during our set at our show “WWSP & Friends” on Saturday May 18 at Jarvis Square Pottery. A fabulous night of music, with Victor Sanders & Lauren Nelson, The Herbal Remedies and whitewolfsonicprincess. The entertainment was to be found both on-stage as well as off-stage. What an incredibly cool scene at a great little storefront space.

It turns out that a handful of our songs have organically morphed into a set of grooves that inspires some folks to get up and dance. It’s been a recent phenomenon, started happening early in 2018 or late in 2017. Can’t exactly pinpoint the moment.  Instant, spontaneous dance party! Totally unexpected, absolutely gratifying. We attribute this surprising development to our extraordinary rhythm section consisting of Steve Rutstein on drums, Ian Ogden on bass and Randy Farr on percussion. When they kick it into high-gear, the room moves!

Who knew? WWSP Groove Machine! – Jammer

Photo by Katje Lilith Sabin 

JarvisSquarePotteryMay_2019_Eventpage.pngYes, maybe that should be our new band “brand?” WWSP & Friends!

The world is a big place. Over-stuffed with people. You realize people are the problem and the solution. Last night at Jarvis Square Pottery we were reminded that sometimes, if find yourself in the right place, at the right time, it’s almost like magic, or destiny, or maybe at least hell of a good time.

If you are just a “leaf in the river,” maybe it’s best to let it all go, and flow.

Last night we were in a safe oasis. It was quite the beautiful setting, filled with an amazing collection of people from all over the world. We made connections there that were only possible because of the reality of this fantastic, welcoming storefront. Folks creating and connecting. A community of artists, and of people who like to hang with artists and creative, open-minded, open-hearted people. We realized you can easily reach out and connect. Anytime. You just have to show up, be aware, be awake, be open. Let your guard down, speak, listen. We made so many new connections with so many people.

That’s how it’s done, one person at a time, one on one. So yes, of course, we can all try to “fix” the world. How do we do it? Human Being to Human Being. One person to another person, and so on, etc. So many people to meet. So little time. I mean, it’s daunting. Impossible. Too many billions of us, on this raging, needing, wanting & seething Ball of Confusion. So you pull your horns in a bit, you just try to do your small part. You say “Hello,” to someone you don’t know, someone you just met, you open your heart, you open your head, you start a conversation and see what happens! – Jammer

wwsp rsd 2019 VV & the Future bw

The Lovely Carla Hayden always starts whitewolfsonicprincess performances by ringing the bell 3 times for “Peace & Love.” She tells me it’s the most important thing we can do. I believe her. Here we are on Record Store Day 2019 in front of Vintage Vinyl. Playing to the future.  Spreading the seeds of Peace & Love. That little girl was transfixed! –  Jammer

Photo by Vintage Vinyl



RSD 2019 is in the history books. We played two sets in celebration. One outside on the sidewalk in front of Vintage Vinyl & one in-store at Squeezebox Books & Music. So fun. Met some new fans, reconnected with some of our great friends.

The sidewalk show was a bit of a challenge. Lots of sunshine, but 40 mph winds, and numb fingers from the cold temps. Everyone kept telling us our outdoor show was “Just like the Beatles!”

Hah! Right. Yes, well, the cops came, the band played on. We emerged unscathed! R&R baby! – Jammer

Photo by Matt Golosinski

What to do for Record Store Day 04.13.19? We decided we wanted to double the fun. We are playing at two record stores this coming Saturday. Two special sets.

First up will be set outside on the sidewalk (weather permitting),  at 10:45 a.m. in front of Vintage Vinyl 925 Davis St. Evanston, IL. Grab a coffee and donut and join us for a late morning r&r party!

Record Store Days 2019Eventpage

Our second set will be  3:00 p.m. we will be performing an intimate in-store set at Squeeze Box 743 Main St. Evanston, IL

Record Store Days 2019Eventpage2

Of course, we will have copies of our latest album, “The Alternate Boot: Vols 1&2” for sale, as well as a few WWSP Classic Logo T-shirts! Hope you can join us!  – Jammer

wwsp at jarvis pottery

Too much Love? Is it possible? The question came to mind in the post-show glow of our “Album Release Party 2019,” this last Saturday. A line from William Blake’s poem “Proverbs of Hell,”   bubbled up into consciousness: “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”  

To say the show was a success would be a wild understatement. Jarvis Square Pottery served as the perfect little storefront music room for our band’s celebration of the release of “The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2.” 

It was an overflow crowd. Packed to the rafters. Surprisingly, we had to turn some folks away from the door. Too crowded. I suppose it’s a nice problem to have, more people than we planned for, decided they wanted to join us for the evening. We felt bad for the folks turned away, and we do hope they come to another show down the line.

An overabundance of Love: the room vibrated with electricity and good vibes.

We explored the full range of expression on our new album with two unique lineups; an amazing group of musicians, bringing out different aspects of the songs. We also hosted two extraordinary solo acts Kacie Swierk & Will Phalen. Fantastic. Inspiring.

This line from Blake bubbled up and seems apt too: “No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.” R&R DIY. Yes, a wing and a prayer that’s the blueprint. – Jammer


photo by Jarvis Square Pottery


whitewolfsonicprincess’ new album, “The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2” releases today on all digital music platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. But we really, really encourage you to consider buying the 2-CD version of the album via Bandcamp – cool packaging, an 8 page booklet with lyrics and production notes, AND high-quality digital downloads and unlimited streaming included for $15.00. It’s a fantastic deal! If you prefer living in the material world of bricks and mortar, be sure to visit Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, our CD is in stock now!

We want to share the first review of our new album. It comes from an extraordinary Writer, & Poet, Liam Heneghan, Professor of Environmental Science & Author of the beautiful & amazing book  “Beasts at Bedtime.”  It is so gratifying and humbling to read his words. He writes with deep knowledge, and pure poetic insight:

“… Music that is so driving, surging, muscular and vivacious that these songs become magnetic and unforgettable.” – Liam Heneghan

Also check out Pat Mcdonald’s interview & profile of the band over at 

“To travel with whitewolfsonicprincess in “The Alternate Boot” is to float in a dream and destiny of magical thinking, ethereal musicality and images of promise… and we all arrive together.” Patrick McDonald

Fire up your stereo systems, put your best headphones on, “The Alternate Boot” is here! – Jammer


hanoi jane

We traveled to the “land beyond O’Hare,” over the weekend. We played a movie-fundraiser at an American Legion in one of the far western suburbs. It felt like we were going to another country. A Harder Country. The American Legion was filled with two-fisted drinking Vets, horror-movie geeks, heavy metal kids, and the parents of horror-movie geeks & heavy metal kids.

You might think this would not be the most promising of audiences for our “neo-psychedelic, folk rock ensemble,” but everyone was friendly and welcoming. There was college football on every TV screen, there were video poker machines lined against a wall, there was a back-porch smoking section for those folks with their smoking addictions.

There was also a “Hanoi Jane” sticker in the urinal in the men’s room. So all the males in the place could go make their peace with Jane Fonda, members in hand. Funny. The 60’s culture war still lives. Jane, of course, is famous for doing a photo-op with the Viet-Cong at the height of the U.S. war. Not very popular with most Vets. Also there was the guy with the “Cops Lives Matter” t-Shirt. The subject never came up, but one might surmise this could be Opioid-Land and Trump Country.

So yes, we felt like invaders from another planet, folks from a completely different tribe. But really, when it comes down to it, we all really have much more in common with these folks than these cultural markers might indicate. As the Dalai Lama reminds us: “We are all Human Beings first.”  What’s funny, two of us, (the two hippiest of the peace loving, flower-waving hippies), actually grew up in suburbs just like this one, but truth be told, we never felt we fit in, always seemed like fish out of water, couldn’t wait to escape to the Northern shores of Lake Michigan.

Surprisingly, the show was exhilarating, cathartic. Our lead singer started our set by ringing the Tibetan prayer bell three times for “Peace and Love.”  That got everyone’s attention. There is something about trying to win over a room. Our band played a tight, battle-tested set, we have played a number of good shows lately, our set is strong, it flows well, the sequence of  songs allows us to reach a satisfying crescendo.

It was hot. The sweat poured. It all just felt fantastic. We knew we were making an impression when the guy playing video poker actually stopped, turned around, and watched us. That was the best tribute of the night. – Jammer