r&r diary — “1st Show of 2022, Two Takes!”- 03.28.22

WWSP @ Montrose Saloon. Photo by Carla

whitewolfsonicprincess, (WWSP) played to a very warm & welcoming crowd last night (03.26.22) at Montrose Saloon. So grateful for the band and all the lovely humans who came out. Thank you again to the staff and sound engineer. ❤️ So awesome to put the vibrations out into the universe. Here is a pre-show photo of Jammer talking to Tom Ertel. – Carla

Pre-show photo from the Lovely Carla Hayden last night at the Montrose Saloon. A fabulous night. Amazing, enthusiastic crowd. Our band was in fine form. Debuted our new lineup. Felt so good to be in a roomful of people spreading the WWSP vibe! Jammer chats with super-fan, and super-soul-friend Tom Ertel. – Jammer

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