r&r diary – “Windy & Wild RSD ’22, Color & B&W” – 04.25.22

WWSP Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day Spring 2022. Thank you to our good friends Steve & Tim Breitberg at Vintage Vinyl. What a wonderful day. I rang the bell for peace & love, looked up into the blue sky to see a hawk, circling, circling… So WWSP! Really grateful to be alive and creating with these amazing players. (Michael Hovnanian, Chuck Wasserburg, Randy Farr) and of course, creating with Jimmy Jammer. Love! Love! Love! – Carla

WWSP in front of Vintage Vinyl

We set up on the sidewalk, two guitars, a double-bass, percussion, vocals, small p.a. A hawk circled above us just before we started. We took it as a good omen. The set was wild and windy. It was a total blast… Record Store Day at Vintage Vinyl, nothing better! – Jammer

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