r&r diary – “Lord Litter Goes Somewhere – Radio On Berlin!” – 05.30.15

IMG_0051Our favorite DJ in the Known Universe, is Lord Litter, and not only because he seems to enjoy our band’s music, and plays it on his programs, although, that is how we initially discovered him. Lord Litter has a wide-ranging taste in music. He specializes in the unique, the esoteric, the artful and challenging. We have been tuning in religiously, and every show is ear-opening, mind-expanding, and thrilling. Highly recommended for discerning, intelligent, adventurous ears. Think Hesse’s Magic Theater… “not for everyone,” but for those can let it in, well, it is sublime listening.

Lord Litter is now expanding his sound-print. Not only does he have cool shows on Radio Marabu in Europe , and KWTF in CA, USA, he has launched a new show on Radio-On-Berlin.  Lord Litter tells me that this new station is a “real alternative radio station” that allows him to really “go somewhere.” We are strapping in, we want to go somewhere with him! – Jammer

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