r&r diary – “Variation of a Dream” – 05.24.15

WWSP Live at 27Live 05.22.15

The dream would be to open for a cool band, maybe like a really, really big band, or how about like the greatest r&r band on the planet? That would most likely be an old band of r&r warriors, like The Rolling Stones. And then in the dream, you’d want to play a new venue you never played before, maybe a big hall, like a really, really, big hall packed with enthusiastic folks who would be open to listening to the opening act. Yeah, and lets just say that sound system would be great, and your band was tight, and the show went off without a hitch, and afterwards everyone was happy and satisfied, and you made a bunch of new friends and made new fans.

So yeah, that would be the dream.

The variation of the dream would be to open for The Rolling Clones, Chicago’s finest Rolling Stones tribute band, and the new venue would be a club, 27Live that’s actually in your home town. And yes, you’d find that the guy doing sound for your show was a guy who has done sound for you at another venue many times, and he knows the band, and our sound and he actually cares, which is just the best thing of all.

And yes, well, we just lived the variation, right?! Our show Friday went off without a hitch, our band was tight, and we did play to an enthusiastic crowd, and we did make new friends and fans. Embrace the dream, baby! Embrace the variation of the dream too. It’s only r&r! – Jammer

photo by Mr. Mo.

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