IMG_0051Our favorite DJ in the Known Universe, is Lord Litter, and not only because he seems to enjoy our band’s music, and plays it on his programs, although, that is how we initially discovered him. Lord Litter has a wide-ranging taste in music. He specializes in the unique, the esoteric, the artful and challenging. We have been tuning in religiously, and every show is ear-opening, mind-expanding, and thrilling. Highly recommended for discerning, intelligent, adventurous ears. Think Hesse’s Magic Theater… “not for everyone,” but for those can let it in, well, it is sublime listening.

Lord Litter is now expanding his sound-print. Not only does he have cool shows on Radio Marabu in Europe , and KWTF in CA, USA, he has launched a new show on Radio-On-Berlin.  Lord Litter tells me that this new station is a “real alternative radio station” that allows him to really “go somewhere.” We are strapping in, we want to go somewhere with him! – Jammer

lord_litter_lights_out_coverOur favorite radio DJ in the Universe is Lord Litter, broadcasting out of Berlin, Germany. He has 2 shows, one on Radio Marabu, and one on KWTF in California. His radio show is called Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box.

It is a cool, unique show. You will hear music you don’t hear anywhere else. Including whitewolfsonicprincess! Yes, Lord Litter has been playing songs from our album 10+1 for the last few months.

It is so gratifying to find a renegade sonic pioneer like Lord Litter. His shows always feature unique, challenging, out of the box music. So happy to be included in that club! Check it out! Our song “Sad-Eyed Prophet Reprise” is featured smack dab in the middle of the show.

Don’t know German, but love how Lord Litter pronounces our band name! – Jammer

In case you missed it, herelord litter is Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box International radio show that features a whitewolfsonicprincess song. I have listened to a couple of shows, and Lord Litter really loves to find unique, off the beaten track music. Love his show! So happy to be included in the club! It’s a club made up of those who aren’t trying to be in any one else’s club! You get the unique perspective of a very adventurous, and intelligent musical sensibility. Lord Litter plays what he wants, when he wants. That’s a rare good thing.

Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box International radio show #9

And what does Lord Litter say about us? Lord Litter: “Quite a unique sound, pretty difficult to put somewhere… so let’s just call it whitewolfsonicprincess!” -Jammer

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.45.34 AMYou’ve got to love the r&r renegades. Those who are on the lookout for the unique, the unexpected, those working on the harrowing margins. Lord Litter is a musician and DJ based in Berlin, Germany. He has been exploring independent, home-made music for years. Somehow he came across our CD, 10+1 and he really seemed to connect with our sound. Lord Litter hosts a couple of radio shows. He will be featuring our song “Black Black Wings,” on Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box International on  KWTF broadcasting from Bodega Bay, California, USA at 88.1 FM and streaming on the Internet at Listen for us on Feb. 27 starting at 6:00 p.m. So happy to “make the playlist!” It’s gratifying to find sympathetic, renegade ears! – Jammer