r&r diary – “A Collection of Off-Kilterness” – 06.01.15

the revelettesOur band hosted an afternoon “variety show” yesterday at the Red Line Tap. It was an odd collection of acts. Poetry, theater, comedy, go-go dancing, and music. It was sort of mini-circus, or a really oddly programmed set. Lots of things, pretty much unalike, presented together.

It was my idea, and I put all those acts on the bill, so of course, I just thought it was brilliant. I really love all those acts, those odd souls. Lots of laughs. Lots of cool sounds and images.

There was stand-up from Elizabeth Gomez, garage rock with a comic twist from The Rut, mad poetry and story-telling from KC Chronis, surreal and hilarious theater from Citizen’s Relief, dazzling exuberant go-go dancing from the Revelettes, and music from the always mind-bending Gunnelpumpers, and our band too.

Talking afterwards I realized that just like me, many of these folks always feel on the “outside looking in.” I realized these were my people, this was my lost tribe. Oddballs, misfits, weirdos. The strange, painted birds. Every one of them has a little bit of an off-kilterness about them. And each of them has something unique to offer.

That’s so inspiring to me. The folks that came out to see the show seemed to really enjoy the variety. So yes, a Sunday afternoon variety show. What a great idea! Long live the odd jobs! – Jammer

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