r&r diary – “Bye Bye Spotify!”- 01.31.22

You may think that fin belongs to a Cadillac. Nope, that’s Spotify! It’s crashing baby, riding that disinformation pipeline into the freaking ground! Hah!  You go Neil Young – Reprise Records!

Yes. This an easy call for me personally, for our band and our music too. Spotify is sort of a blight on the music industry, especially for artists, basically pennies for streams, just not equitable. On the one hand, you think it’s cool to be on a platform that has a global reach, but on the other, you realize you give up control to a app and company that truly devalues music and the artists who create it.

We are pulling all of our music off of Spotify in solidarity with Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Joni Mitchell and many more.  It feels good to self-de-platform. Why? Spotify has chosen to let Joe Rogan’s podcast spread Covid Vax Disinformation across the planet for $.

Disgusting. Un-cool. A poor excuse of a business model, spreading disinformation, ignorance and disease. Bye, bye Spotify!

Good riddance Spotify. Thanks for the pennies. whitewolfsonicprincess stands with Neil Young – Reprise Records, Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren. Disinformation for $, that is a poor excuse for a business model… Jammer

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