r&r diary — “Them old Kozmic Vibes!” – 02.07.22

Yes, an intense & revealing conversation yesterday with a close band member. We talked about how much music means to us: the listening to it, and the playing of it. We both agreed that early in our lives, since we were young, snot-nosed kids, music has been a major kick, an inspirer, & guiding light. Might sound overblown, but both us believe music has been our primary spiritual path for most our lives.

Music is a way, a calling, a faith, a religion, a mission, a reason to believe, and a reason to live. It’s all about “them old Kozmic” vibrations wafting over us and thru us. Imagine being in a rehearsal room with a fabulous collection of collaborators, all working together, listening, responding, giving their all to a collective energy. Transformative. Life-changing, life-affirming. The best stuff, no doubt.

The folks in the room. The souls in the room. The human beings in the room. The spirits in the room. The collective energy in the room. Everything counts. Everything. 

Open the door; beckon, invite, congregate with a select group of beings. Open your arms, open your head & heart. Collect & accumulate the energy. Create together. Create something bigger and beyond the ideas of the folks in the room, bigger and beyond the hopes & dreams of the folks in the room. Experience the power, the glory, the beauty. Take in the focused discipline of a group of individuals; unique, extraordinary, alive and attentive to each moment.

Magnificent. To be one of the folks in the room a great honor and a life mission.  You know, a practice, a form of worship, a calling. – Jammer

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