r&r diary – “Charlie, Brian and the Boys…” – 08.27.21

Hot today. Clean-up time, late Friday afternoon. We have fans running, and A/C on in the kitchen, but it is a killer heat in our 2nd floor apartment. Perfect time to sweep, scrub, mop and polish. Yikes.

For the soundtrack we decide on a 5-CD mix on the big stereo in the living room. Our tribute to Charlie Watts (June 1941- August 2021). This is early Stones, Brian Jones-era Stones. Bluesy. Garage-y. Musical & raw. Almost punky. Some tracks a bit psychedelic.

Some folks say the Stones were trying to follow & emulate the Beatles. Doesn’t sound like it to our ears. No George Martin sweetening here.

Best to play these CDs in “mono” mode. Even the stereo mixes sound better in mono. These tracks were made to be played on a transistor radio, or blasting away in the car with the windows rolled down. Yes. Charlie sounds fabulous throughout. He will be missed. Spin these recordings and it all comes alive. Any time. – Jammer

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