r&r diary – “Color, Sound, Vibes & Vision” – 08.15.21

Peace Garden

Yes. We played the Peace Garden yesterday afternoon. The great singer-songwriter Cynthia Marchant played an opening set, and then WWSP in a “never before” quintet (TV on bass, Chuck on guitar, Nura on violin, Carla vocals & percussion, and me on my Hohner acoustic) ran thru some old and new songs. It all seemed to roll out quite nicely.

A fabulous afternoon. Good cheer. Good vibes. It was so great to play music for a group of attentive folks. We played for the greenery and the blue sky too. Sending the WWSP vibes out into the world.

As you can see, I was totally entranced by the multi-colored canopy looming above us. – Jammer

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