r&r diary – “”Fortune Fancies the Bold…” – 07.31.21

photo by Carla (the magic sauce/sweet rig)

Who knew playing in the alley next to FEW Spirits (their company motto: Fortune Fancies the Bold) would be so validating? Folks told us our band sounded great; they also said they loved the street sounds: sirens, buses, rattling trains overhead, wind-gusts, the grit, the dirt, the urban beauty all around us. Our vibrations rattled down the alley and off the walls of church across the street.

Chuck’s “black slab” guitar & Gibson amp are pictured above, they were waiting patiently for the set to commence. A killer combo for sure. We were so happy we held it together, (four of us: Chuck on guitar, Rich on drums, Carla and I doing our thing), playing some old songs and some brand-new ones too. We were fairly pleased with how it all rolled out.

We will do it again at FEW on August 20, hopefully next time with the full 7 piece band. It was a kick to be able to play once again to a small crowd of human beings. Fortunate. Yes. Indeed.


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