r&r diary – “Out of Time.” 10.11.20

Shows have been few and far between in Pandemic Year 2020. We have played out a handful of times. Yesterday, we played a set in our backyard. A last minute, “pop-up” show. A handful of folks came out to vibe with us. The Cops came too. Maybe too many minor chords?

Our good friend and fellow musician Tony Vick took this photo. He included this caption: “1968, October 10th. Close to Hyde Park, a swinging London back yard…”

It does sometimes feel like WWSP exists in another time and place. An alternate dimension. We are “out of time,” but at the same time, we are here; present, alive, aware and awake to the moment…

It felt so good to play. Nothing better. Dreaming of better days ahead. – Jammer

Photo by Tony Vick

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