r&r diary – “Pure Sound” – 07.29.20

We haven’t played any r&r shows lately. Still in “lockdown” mode. All of our playing has been either in the kitchen, or if we are playing with bandmates, in the great outdoors. Quick-hit get togethers. A few musicians, masked, physically-distant, unplugged. Funny. Some of our natural anti-social tendencies are actually now survival strategies.

There is something so elemental about playing outdoors. A totally pure, totally human, acoustic performance. Guitar, shakers, voices, raw, unfiltered. No microphones, no amps, no electricity, except the electricity running through the cells of our bodies.

The essence. Pure performance. Probably goes all the way back to cave-man/cave-woman days.

WWSP trio nearly got “busted” on July 25 for playing “folk-rock” on the porch at Dawes House. The caretaker lady told us we were on “private property” and we had to move. WTF. I mean, what was the “crime?” Corrupting nature with our WWSP folky vibes?

We will not backdown.

We will be back, to Dawes, and hopefully, a park near you too. Who knows? There is something so rewarding about playing music to the trees, the grasses, the wind, the sky, the sun, the squirrels, rabbits, cicadas, and oh yeah, the passing strangers. No money will exchange hands, but really, we have never been in it for the money. I mean, sure, money is nice, but really, playing is the thing. – Jammer

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