r&r diary – “Rocking in the Free World” – 10.20.20

Outside the Civic Center, post-Vote…

The Lovely Carla Hayden and I biked to the Civic Center, and exercised our patriotic duty today. Dreaming of better days for this fragile Democracy. So happy to VOTE for Joe & Kamala. Let’s reclaim the American Dream!

There is something so r&r about Voting. It’s a small thing, but, really, just like every little thing we do, it has major consequences. Every breath, every step, every note & every vote counts.

Our little American experiment in Democracy only works if we all participate: pay attention, stick to the facts, engage fully; heart, head & soul.

We celebrated our jaunt to the Civic Center afterwards with a spaghetti lunch, and then, Carla retired to the kitchen to work on her latest painting, listening to Joni Mitchell’s Hejira, while I put my headphones on, sprawled across the couch, and listened to Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti.”

Such a lovely, sonic, dichotomy… democracy in action… – Jammer

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