r&r diary – “The Never-Ending Tour Never Ends” – 06.18.18

wwsp @ the rock house

One advantage to being a band that plays music in the Chicago area, the opportunities to play seem pretty inexhaustible. There are bars, churches, art galleries, street corners, concert halls, parks, homes, basements, coffeehouses.

This weekend we played the Rock House in Glenview, and leading up to the show, I kept quoting an old Ernest Hemingway short story,  “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” So true. A very nice, clean, well-lighted, little venue, serving coffee, snacks, pizza, beer and wine. Did I mention the lighting was great and the sound was superb? An excellent music room.

First time we ever played there, first time we were ever in Glenview, for any reason. The trek from Evanston was actually quite beautiful. We rented a car; an enjoyable a tree-lined jaunt.

We shared the stage with one of our favorite bands, The Remember Knots, and they debuted some new tunes and totally captivated the room. A hard act to follow. We did our best to fill the space, and keep the positive vibe going.

There was sort of a David Lynchian decor: red drapes, dangling chandelier, all that was missing was a little dancing guy. We felt good about our performance, lots of good post-show comments, made some new fans, sold some CDs. That was a good one!  The Never-Ending Tour continues… – Jammer

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