r&r diary – “Not Just Another Record, A Mad Adventure” – 05.24.18

AB Reference MastersWe just received the “reference master CD’s” for our forthcoming release “The Alternate Boot Vol. 1 &2” from Lurssen Mastering today. So exciting. Another step forward in our mad, two year, adventure.

It’s been a pleasure, and a kick, to work with the legendary Gavin Lurssen. Gavin and his team were so knowledgeable and professional.  We are big fans of many of the records he has mastered, including Lucinda William’s “West,” Sturgill Simpson’s “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss’ “Raising Sand.” We were hoping to conjure of a bit of that same mojo for our record. The proof is in the listening. To our ears every track now has a bit more power, presence, richness, & shimmer.

We started with fully-realized tracks to begin with, thanks to the recording and mixing wizardry of Victor Sanders at Lakeside Media in Chicago. And well, we worked with a pretty incredible group of musicians to help bring the songs to life.

Next step: Carla is working on the CD packaging now. We are kicking around some cool cover ideas. Another creative rabbit hole. Every step counts. The process: meticulous, obsessive, a bit mad, no, I mean like completely, totally insane. But we love it. Love doing the work. Always, always doing the work.

When will this project get launched into the Universe? Thinking this fall?  – Jammer




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