r&r diary – “It’s About Love.” – 10.28.16

wwsp-house-concert-5-10-15-16Love. Right? It’s all about love. Our tag-line on Twitter is “A band in love with being a band.” And it’s so true. We love to write songs, we love playing music with our band in rehearsal, in the studio, and out and about in the world.

We’ve had lots of memorable shows. We’ve played on street corners, in theater lobbies, in parks (singing to the trees), on the lakefront (singing against the raging wind & surf), at art galleries, dive bars, dingy & cluttered basements, coffeehouses, living rooms, kitchens, churches, on main stages of black box theaters.

On October 15, 2016 we played our first official whitewolfsonicprincess House Concert. It was exhilarating. 2 sets, 22 songs, a house full of love. Nothing better. Love x Love = Love.


Photo by Prash Pokala

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