r&r diary – “Not Perfect, R&R” – 12.06.16


“How to create a great r&r show?” Beats me. I mean, there are so many factors to consider. Time, place, the weather, vibe of the night, vibe of the people, the competence of the sound tech, the luck of the draw, the line-up, the order, the fates, the benevolent r&r gods looking down upon our sorry souls and taking pity.

Once in a great while everything converges. And it’s like magic. You didn’t create it. It just happens. Of course, nothing’s perfect. Perfection is that dream-state always just out of reach. So part of the whole thing is realizing that nothing is perfect, and still giving it everything. Being totally there in the moment.

So yes, great show, great night, great moments. But not perfect. That’s rock and roll. There are so many factors that come into play. A universe of variables. Can’t account for them all. That’s how it goes. And that “not perfectness” is actually the essence of rock and roll: cool, funky, grabs you by the lapels.

So yes, we did another one of our Toys for Tots Extravaganza shows last Saturday. It was just another r&r show. We were lucky to share the stage with lots of cool folks. It was great. Not perfect. R&R. Love. – Jammer

photo by Mary Schons



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