r&r diary – The Sign Says Entrance – 08.22.16

blackforest r&r theater

Black Forest our little fever dream of a theater group, birthed our band whitewolfsonicprincess. At least that’s how we tell the story. Black Forest = interpretive theater = we perform and you find an interpreter to figure out what happened. As one long-time observer of our work once said, “You do what you want.”

Over the years, we’ve evolved a kind of a r&r theater approach, and that’s what kicked open the door to the band. This photo shows us back at the scene of the initial crime: r&r theater at the Last Abbie Fest hosted this last weekend at the Den Theatre.

The sign says: Entrance –  “a gate, an opening, a door, or to hold interest & intention.”

“The myth looms larger than the reality.”R. Cotovsky (as Abbie Hoffman).


photo by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia




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