r&r diary – “It’s All About the T-Shirt!” – 12.06.14

carlawithflowerI can’t really explain why I got so excited about designing our first official band t-shirt. My excitement is really all out of proportion to the actual reality. I mean, it’s just a t-shirt. But I am happy about how it turned out. Carla did a really cool design. I love our “Wolf character.” He’s a cross-dresser. He holds a bouquet of flowers. He’s a lover of Peace. A sensitive Wolf. I guess I love the contradictory nature of the image. If you want a t-shirt you can order it from our Merch page on Bandcamp, or track one of us down!

And maybe it’s the reality of creating a tangible, real thing that’s the kick. We write songs, we do shows, we rehearse with our band, we create sound waves and good vibes, but they kind of disappear into the ether when we are done. But this r&r shirt? It lives! I imagine all the cool people who might wear our shirt. And I imagine all those other people, who have no clue who we are, thinking, “Wow, that’s pretty cool, I wonder where I can get a shirt just like that!” And who knows, maybe they’ll even seek us out and take a listen to our music! – Jammer


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