r&r diary – “Jeff Tweedy Total Cool Daddy” – 11.08.14

TweedyYesterday, we traveled to and from the recording studio listening to Tweedy’s new record. Guess what? “Dad Rock” is really cool! Love “Sukierae.” It’s a knockout. The Dad and The Kid bring it!

Turns out “Dad rock,” which has been sort of tossed around as an insult, is actually, super-cool. Jeff Tweedy and his son have made a really excellent record. It’s a double-album overstuffed with subtle, layered, perfectly realized music. I recommend you actually buy a CD. Check out the cool pictures and the lyric sheet. It’s a personal, family-affair record.

Jeff Tweedy sometimes sounds like John Lennon to me. Which is just the highest compliment I can imagine. He’s a great singer/songwriter, and underrated guitar player. Jeff just has a way about him. He comes across to me as a very committed, working artist. No bullshit. Just the good work.

I especially love some of the stripped down songs. There are one or two songs that sound like they could be outtakes from other Wilco records – but hell, the two bands share the lead singer, the lead songwriter, and the driving force. Still “Sukierae,” this band, this approach, it holds it’s own.  Superb on all levels! Highly recommended!

By the way, while we were in the studio, we sat in the control room, and listened to the Lovely Carla’s song “Hand of Grace” emerge into the light. Starts with a gospel-ish piano flourish from the great Bob Long. That was cool and unexpected! – Jammer

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