r&r diary – Coffeehouse Mecca – 06.27.13


We did our Metropolis coffeehouse show yesterday evening. A few loyal fans came out to see us, and a few strangers stuck around to listen to our fiery little set. A coffee mecca on the North side of Chicago. Comfy and welcoming. One major upside to doing coffeehouse shows? The coffee!

It was just a trio for the evening: acoustic guitar, violin, vocals. It was strange to hear some of our songs in such a stripped down mode, but it was great to hear Maria Storm’s exquisite violin playing- the sound swirled around and enveloped us. Carla sang and played her various shakers, tambourines and bells. I hammered away on my acoustic guitar with my usual abandon.

It was a pretty good show. A warm response from the audience and we got paid in beans! Two sacks of freshly roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia and El Salvador. Anyone who knows me knows that’s like feeding crack or heroin to a grateful and willing addict. Coffee Nirvana. And just when is that next coffeehouse gig? – Jammer

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