r&r diary – “The Credo” – 06.22.13

images-1My good friend Michael Doubrava, photographer extraordinaire, left a voicemail after our Stones tribute show. “Jimmy, with every song you sing, you make the world a better place.” It was a nice thing to say. Maybe it was said tinged with a dollop of irony, or maybe not. But I do truly love the sentiment. And really, isn’t that why we do this thing?

When we sing and play music, when we band together, join our musical sensibilities for a song, a set of music, we are trying to create a vibration, a feeling, an energy, something bigger than ourselves. And by doing, we transform ourselves. And we hope that this energy, this vibration, this power can seep into other people’s consciousness. Maybe we inspire by example?

And it’s doesn’t really matter if the song is light or dark, the main thing is it real, is it heartfelt, is it well done? And when it works, there is love in the doing. So there is love. Love. And maybe this love can be given away, passed onto someone else. And yes, maybe in that way we can make the world a better place. It all might sound a little sappy and soft-hearted, but it’s certainly a worthy experiment. And gives us a reason to believe. – Jammer

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