r&r diary – “we did some great things didn’t we” – 06.12.13

fever-ray-480x479never leave me/walk close beside me/your hand my hand/fits so easy/no tomorrow/let us stop here/we did some great things/didn’t we/dry and dusty/i am a capsule of energy/you speak softly/we are capsules of energy/work as i’ve been told/in return i get money/small feet in the hall/and i long for every momentfever ray

It’s spooky and surprising when a song, a record, takes hold. Lately Fever Ray has taken hold of me. The 2009 record is amazing. Our band doesn’t sound anything like this band. I don’t think there are any organic/analog instruments on this record, even the voices are heavily processed; for the longest time I thought I was listening to a male voice on some songs, but that’s Karin Dreijer Andersson doing the vocalizing. This record is cool, icy, techno, electronic. It’s weird, moody, haunting. And the song, “Dry and Dusty” finally, after many listens, has totally penetrated and captivated me. So beautiful, simple, and off-hand. A synthesized, almost robotic voice kicks open the door to a certain, aching, beauty. Magic. – Jammer



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