r&r – “Mr. Mo, Chat AI, Edgar Allan Poe & WWSP” – 03.15.23

Mr. Mo

Mr. Mo. our great friend; fabulous raconteur, r&r savant, witty-tunesmith, ukulele-wielding, fellow-traveler & uncommonly harmonic, musical-obsessive, was conversing with CHAT AI via his beloved iPad one recent evening. It is the kind of thing Mr. Mo often does.

CHAT AI – HAL 9000

Mr. Mo playfully, or was it mischievously, encouraged CHAT AI to “write a Edgar Allan Poe story about a Druid rock band named WWSP…”

Holy Smokes. Combine EAP, Druids & WWSP (21st Century Druid Music) it all rings so cosmically, mystically, and comedically, true. We are thinking that “… beckoning all who will listen to join them in ecstatic communion with the gods,” is a great mission statement for our band. Yes, indeed. Thank you Mr. Mo. Thank you Mr. Poe. Thank you CHAT AI. Druids Unite! – Jammer

Edgar Allan Poe

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