r&r diary — “Mother Nature Rules…” – 09.19.21

Our show at Few Spirits on Friday, Sept 17 was a wash-out. Blue skies most of the day, but around 7:00 p.m. just as I plugged in my acoustic guitar, and the band took up their places, dark clouds rolled in and a healthy rainstorm, with a bit of ominous-looking lightening rumbled thru the alley.

Everyone scattered, and our gear got soaked. It was a difficult gig. 2 hours transporting and setting up, 2 hours of rain-soaked taking down and re-transporting, one brief moment when we thought we were gonna be able to play our set to a large, friendly and expectant crowd.

Nope. Didn’t happen. Still, a good time was had by all. Free shots kind of lightened the mood of the folks who came back to the alley as the rain stopped. Soggy but festive! No music, but lots of conversation, laughter, and yes joy. As the saying goes: “Fortune fancies the bold.”

The next day, I was back in our rehearsal space, setting up the p.a. checking to see if all the gear made it thru the storm ok. Everything works. Eureka. I sat on the floor of our rehearsal space and played my acoustic guitar for a couple hours. A “sacred space,” a secret garden, the calm center where we create together. It felt cathartic, and necessary.

Damn the torpedos. Who knows? Maybe we will try it all again soon. Rain-check please! – Jammer

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