r&r diary – “Imagining, Creating, Collaborating…” 09.12.21

WWSP @ FEW Spirits 09.10.21

If you pressed us, (the Lovely Carla & I), I guess we would say the only thing that has kept our “heads in the game,” is keeping our heads in the game. What game? The game of imagining, creating, collaborating.

We have done it in various ways thru the years, especially thru theater, poetry, music, art. Lately, having a band, creating music with a group of musicians, in tune, all on the same vibrational wavelength has been amazing, gratifying, totally exciting, fulfilling and satisfying.

We sorely missed it all during pandemic lockdown. We are back at it, working on new songs, reinvigorating old songs, rehearsing indoors, all masked, and a bit distant, and we have played out in the world, in parks, gardens, on sidewalks, in alleys.

Nothing quite like creating and collaborating with creative, gifted and giving human beings. And, we are reminded that there is an audience thirsty for it all. Amazing. Beautiful. Keeps our heads in the game, feeds our hearts, our heads, our souls. – Jammer

photo by Jeffery Korman

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