r&r diary – “An Over-Abundance of Love?” – 02.11.19

wwsp at jarvis pottery

Too much Love? Is it possible? The question came to mind in the post-show glow of our “Album Release Party 2019,” this last Saturday. A line from William Blake’s poem “Proverbs of Hell,”   bubbled up into consciousness: “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”  

To say the show was a success would be a wild understatement. Jarvis Square Pottery served as the perfect little storefront music room for our band’s celebration of the release of “The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2.” 

It was an overflow crowd. Packed to the rafters. Surprisingly, we had to turn some folks away from the door. Too crowded. I suppose it’s a nice problem to have, more people than we planned for, decided they wanted to join us for the evening. We felt bad for the folks turned away, and we do hope they come to another show down the line.

An overabundance of Love: the room vibrated with electricity and good vibes.

We explored the full range of expression on our new album with two unique lineups; an amazing group of musicians, bringing out different aspects of the songs. We also hosted two extraordinary solo acts Kacie Swierk & Will Phalen. Fantastic. Inspiring.

This line from Blake bubbled up and seems apt too: “No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.” R&R DIY. Yes, a wing and a prayer that’s the blueprint. – Jammer


photo by Jarvis Square Pottery


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