r&r diary – “The Alternate Boot” is Here! 01.08.19


whitewolfsonicprincess’ new album, “The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2” releases today on all digital music platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. But we really, really encourage you to consider buying the 2-CD version of the album via Bandcamp – cool packaging, an 8 page booklet with lyrics and production notes, AND high-quality digital downloads and unlimited streaming included for $15.00. It’s a fantastic deal! If you prefer living in the material world of bricks and mortar, be sure to visit Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, our CD is in stock now!

We want to share the first review of our new album. It comes from an extraordinary Writer, & Poet, Liam Heneghan, Professor of Environmental Science & Author of the beautiful & amazing book  “Beasts at Bedtime.”  It is so gratifying and humbling to read his words. He writes with deep knowledge, and pure poetic insight:

“… Music that is so driving, surging, muscular and vivacious that these songs become magnetic and unforgettable.” – Liam Heneghan

Also check out Pat Mcdonald’s interview & profile of the band over at HollywoodChicago.com 

“To travel with whitewolfsonicprincess in “The Alternate Boot” is to float in a dream and destiny of magical thinking, ethereal musicality and images of promise… and we all arrive together.” Patrick McDonald

Fire up your stereo systems, put your best headphones on, “The Alternate Boot” is here! – Jammer


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