r&r diary – Spiritual Transcendence, One Song, One Show at a Time – 10.02.17


Two whitewolfsonicprincess‘ shows on Saturday, September 30. An afternoon benefit show, (just an acoustic trio), at the Doggone Music Festival, and then a full-band late night show at The Store. Two very different shows. Very different feels. One was in the blazing light of a fading fall afternoon. The other a cool late night bar, a cozy, well-lit music room. One comment is still ringing in my head from a post-show conversation: “We came to see you guys to get some spiritual transcendence.” Don’t want to over-promise for a show, but wow, that is totally excellent goal, “spiritual transcendence one song, one show at a time!” The good work for sure! – Jammer

photo by Joshua Hanson

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