r&r diary – “Yippie, Seriously” – 08.21.17 –

wwsp @ yippiefest 2

The first Annual Yippie Fest was hosted this last weekend at the Prop Theatre in Chicago. 3 days of Comedy, Burlesque, Music, Theater. It was quite the event. I was the sound-tech for the Music on Stage B. 24 acts on B Stage: bands, solo artists, standup comics and a storyteller.

Some of my favorite bands in the city performed, including: Flapunco, The Remember Knots, Voodoo Asylum, Parallelicopter, The Telepaths (I play guitar in the Telepaths too), and Audiobon.

whitewolfsonicprincess did a full set of originals which we like to call our “Get Right With God” set. We look very serious in the above photo. It’s a serious business, for sure, and very serious fun.  Seriously, it’s the good work. – Jammer

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