r&r diary – “That Was A Good One!” – 08.13.17

TheNewStudio_AUGUST_12_2017_MUSIC (1)

Yes, it was an especially good show last night. The first time we ever played at TheNewStudio. The first we’ve ever played alternating sets with another band.  The first time we ever ended each set with a big, two-band sing-a-long.

The Remember Knots vs. whitewolfsonicprincess.  Not really a rivalry. Certainly not a blood feud. Of course, it did make for a good poster. It’s not often you meet another band you can consider true fellow-travelers. Total inspirers.

We are so different in our approaches, our music, our presentations. But there is an affinity, an energy boost when we play on a bill together. It’s definitely a cool mix of sensibilities. A strange and beautiful alchemy.

An intimate, friendly room. The audience seemed to enjoy it immensely.  “That was a good one.” Yes, it was, for sure… – Jammer



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