r&r diary – “Equality, Liberty, Fraternity” – 02.28.17


My Father, bless his soul, was a “talker.” He had the “gift of gab.” He’d often quote Vince Lombardi: “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.” 2017 in  America, it’s time for some serious getting going. We need to hunker in for a long battle, those of us who still believe in that old American Dream – inclusive, diverse, no walls, no divisions, just people. Human Beings trying their best to live meaningful, soulful lives.

Equality, Liberty, Fraternity!

My Father loved to tell me, “No one promised you a rose garden.” Right. We need to dig & plant, water & tend to, our own gardens. If we want roses we must plant them, and care for them, ourselves. But once we grow our own roses, we should share them with other folks. Gladly.

My Father  also would often say, “Make no small plans.” It’s easier said than done. There’s always failure & disappointment lurking around every corner. Broken dreams, broken hearts. But hell, sometimes you just have to plow ahead, “Damn the Torpedoes!”

We are working on our next whitewolfsonicprincess album. Tons of work left to do, but making slow, steady progress. We do have a rough concept for the album & a working title: “Alternate Boot.” We think it’s some of the best music we’ve ever recorded. Includes contributions from Tim O’Brien, Rich Meher, Ian Ogdon, Chuck Wasserburg, Randy Farr, Douglas Johnson, Victor Sanders & Steve Rutstein.

Still mixing, mixing, and more mixing. Still need to decide which tracks make the final cut. Thinking of Mastering it in L.A. or maybe once again in Nashville. We will do an IndieGoGo campaign to help finish it all. Bring it out in a blaze of glory. Still early stages. But the vision is there… yes, “Alternate Boot,” we can SEE it! Writing it all down helps clarify the VISION! WWSP Lives!



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