r&r diary – “Idiot Wind” -01.30.17


Yes, it’s safe to say, there has been an “Idiot Wind” blowing thru the Capitol, and it’s whipping across the land. What to do? Sing & play songs with all our hearts. Sing about love and mystery. And support others who do the same. In that small way, we do our part to stand against the madness. It’s really all we have, good vibes, and the ability to get together, and play and talk and support each other.

Yesterday was our first R&R Circus of 2017. A little gathering. Lots of worry & concern about the world on everyone’s mind. Almost seems like everything is falling apart right before our very eyes. Our great American Dream falling to pieces. But really, it’s up to us to keep the dream alive. Laughter, love, music, art, an engaged, generous, social conscience. These are our weapons. We must use them wisely. The important thing, we must use them! – Jammer

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