r&r diary – “The Shadow of the Marigold” Crowd-Funding 12.04.15


Yes, it’s true, we are jumping into the “crowd-funding pool” today! We have been working on our forthcoming record for nearly 3 years. Shooting for an early 2016 release. So happy with the recording. 9 songs, 44 mins of new music. “The Shadow of the Marigold,” is certainly the most finished, fully-realized work we’ve ever done. Great contributions from some truly inspiring musicians. We feel like it’s a step forward from our 1st release “10+1”

Anyway, we are an “independent,” band, on our own, on the margins, doing the best work we can. No help from a label or corporate daddy. We thought we would try to reach out to friends and fans of the band to see if they are willing to extend a helping hand. Another little experiment for us.

It’s 30 day campaign, kicks off today. If you are interested in supporting our project, and scoring a cool perk in the process, check out our IndieGoGo site here: http://igg.me/at/wwsp/x/10209712   – Jammer



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