Yes, it’s true, we are jumping into the “crowd-funding pool” today! We have been working on our forthcoming record for nearly 3 years. Shooting for an early 2016 release. So happy with the recording. 9 songs, 44 mins of new music. “The Shadow of the Marigold,” is certainly the most finished, fully-realized work we’ve ever done. Great contributions from some truly inspiring musicians. We feel like it’s a step forward from our 1st release “10+1”

Anyway, we are an “independent,” band, on our own, on the margins, doing the best work we can. No help from a label or corporate daddy. We thought we would try to reach out to friends and fans of the band to see if they are willing to extend a helping hand. Another little experiment for us.

It’s 30 day campaign, kicks off today. If you are interested in supporting our project, and scoring a cool perk in the process, check out our IndieGoGo site here: http://igg.me/at/wwsp/x/10209712   – Jammer



IMG_7705If you play music, in a band, like I do, (whitewolfsonicprincess & The Telepaths), you know. And/or if you love music and listen to music, intensely, religiously, you know. Music is a branch of magic. “The repetition itself becomes the important thing; it’s a form of mesmerism.” As Maria Popova’s great blog post tells us: “Music takes place in time, but repetition beguilingly makes it knowable in the way of something outside of time.”

I have marveled at how essential and all-consuming music has loomed in my life. From a very, very young age. Yes, indeed, music “enchants the brain.”

I have lately wondered if other musicians/bands love to play music, and to rehearse as much as we do. They must. I find the process almost like a form of worship. It can transform a mood, a feeling, a day, a week. It can, and it will, transform you as a being. It helps that we play with extraordinarily excellent musicians. It helps that everyone is committed to the work.

Yes, it’s also rewarding to play in front of people, an audience, but it turns out that it isn’t essential. The communication between the musicians, sitting in a room, working intensely together, establishing a secret, nonverbal relationship is an essentially rewarding phenomena.

Yes, and the repetition takes you “out of time.” Working in a room with others takes you “out of yourself.” It is a sacred thing. Even if you are just banging out wanky, garage rock, or if you are playing beautifully lyrical and rhythmic songs. Seems, that the content doesn’t really matter so much, although, it helps if you play with heart. The form of the ritual is most important. It’s a form of Magic. A conjuring. Enchanting. – Jammer

photo by Nancy Chambers

lord_litter_lights_out_coverOur favorite radio DJ in the Universe is Lord Litter, broadcasting out of Berlin, Germany. He has 2 shows, one on Radio Marabu, and one on KWTF in California. His radio show is called Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box.

It is a cool, unique show. You will hear music you don’t hear anywhere else. Including whitewolfsonicprincess! Yes, Lord Litter has been playing songs from our album 10+1 for the last few months.

It is so gratifying to find a renegade sonic pioneer like Lord Litter. His shows always feature unique, challenging, out of the box music. So happy to be included in that club! Check it out! Our song “Sad-Eyed Prophet Reprise” is featured smack dab in the middle of the show.

Don’t know German, but love how Lord Litter pronounces our band name! – Jammer

t-shirt hall of fameLegend tells us that the Ramones sold more t-shirts than records. Try it now, go out around town and count how many people, all ages and sizes, are wearing a Ramones t-shirt! It’s a little t-shirted army. Iconic! Ironic!

Anyway our band is in the t-shirt business too. We have a t-shirt promotion rolling out into the universe. Come on. Join us. It’s easy.

1. Purchase a whitewolfsonicprincess t-shirt on Bandcamp!
2. Take a “selfie” wearing your new t-shirt!
3. Email your photo to jamesblackforest@gmail.com
4. We will Tweet, Post and Add you to our “t-shirt hall of fame!


carla & jimmy at the tap2It’s only the 4th day of this very improbable new year, and it already feels like we’ve packed in a lifetime of experiences. So I guess this is gonna be a thrilling, bumpy ride. Cool.

The 2nd day of the new year we did our show at the Red Line Tap. The accompanying photo is the whitewolfsonicprincess songwriting team, pre-show.  Our set felt good, and it was all a blur at the same time. I really felt the power of our new lineup with drums and additional percussion backing our songs. It’s all about rhythm!

Then on the 3rd day of the new year, we were back in the studio working with our drummer, Rich, visiting from Tokyo, Japan. He laid down some over-dubs on two tracks. I was a little apprehensive, wondering how it would all play out, but it turned out to be a very rewarding and inspiring afternoon.

Two projects are starting to emerge, “The Shadow of the Marigolds,” and “Magnificent Bird.” New sounds, lots of intriguing directions. I guess we’ll see how it rolls out in the next few months. I’ve been thinking that 2015 will be a “make or break,” or “make and break” year. I expect to create and destroy, and destroy and create lots of new work. And embrace the new and let go of the old. Hope so. – Jammer

microphone in studioWe recorded a slew of new songs over the weekend at Victor Sanders’ Chicago studio.  It was an intense experience. It was just the core band – guitar, bass, drums, with Carla on “guide” vocals. Two 4 hour sessions spread across Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We laid down basic tracks for 14 or 15 songs. Some of these songs we know well, we’ve played them out live over the last few months, and some are really, really new.

Not sure what we have, we will be listening over the next few weeks, but it felt like we captured some cool sounds. We worked with Victor on our debut CD, and that experience was super-positive, and we all know each other even better this time around. We are trying to capture an organic, live, band sound: big, bold drums, a fat, powerful bass, a warm, lively guitar and silky vocals.

Victor’s studio is cozy; we played together live in a little room, with Carla behind glass. We all wore headphones, we were simultaneously together and isolated in our own worlds. The music was the meeting place! Music was all around us. And the sounds were slightly different depending on where you heard them: in the studio, in the headphones, in the control room.

There is an ease and simplicity in some of our new songs which I hope comes across. I learned this time around that simple can be powerful. Trust the note, trust the words, trust the sound. Quiet and soft can actually be big and powerful. I also learned that “silky” beats “honky” every time.  Little gestures can have seismic effects.

Now it’s up to the songs to stand up and demand to be counted. Which songs will emerge? And did we capture the band in peak form? Did we catch the “vibe” the “feel” the “groove?” Did we capture any moments that transcend the moment? We shall see… – Jammer

2013_01_26_GalleryCabaretThe never-ending city tour continues. Our first whitewolfsonicprincess show for 2013 was at the Gallery Cabaret last night. A pretty amazing little club, funky and sort of “bohemian;” which is just about the perfect setting for our band. We were on a bill with Christina Trulio and The Gunnelpumpers. Lots of cool sounds.  It was a great mix of music. We were smack dab in the middle of the bill, book-ended by Christina’s gorgeous “cowboys and brazilian” songs and the Gunnelpumpers over-the-top, improvisational madness. When it was our turn, we played a tight set, my new Seagull acoustic guitar (Love that expert Canandian build quality!) sounded big and full, and our bass player’s new fret-less bass added a smooth shimmer to our songs. We were all inspired by the sound on stage. The Cabaret is a very lively room. When Douglas Johnson joined us on Clevinger bass, it pumped up the adrenaline level a notch or two. Carla’s vocals were soulful and resonant. Rich backed it all up on drums, adding an extra, big-time wallop on that little wooden stage. The crowd was friendly, attentive and very generous with lots of words of praise. Good vibes all around. An excellent start to the new year!  – Jammer

Postscript: The Desiccated Old Blackbird, talking about our show last night: “Jimmy, it was great seeing you without that fucking hat!”


We have been working on songs for this Saturday’s “Summer of Love Show.” Songs from 1967. I wanted to write about Jimi Hendrix, but everything I started to write seemed so cliche. Still, I’m sort of stubborn and obsessive, so I’m pushing forward anyway.

So much has been said and written about Hendrix and his music. He was a “boundary-crosser” and a channel. He was a lefty, who played right-handed guitars, backwards and upside down. He always down-tuned a step. The guitar he played was just an extension of his being. Hendrix conducted noise and volume like they were his wild little children. Feedback was always a prime sonic element.  He was steeped in the Blues and R&B, but his musical explorations transcended genre. He specialized in that “high, mercury sound” that Dylan talked about.

Psychedelic always comes to mind when you think of Hendrix, he was kind of a technicolor dream of a being.  And the definition of the word “psychedelic” describes Hendrix’ music quite nicely: “characterized by… distortions of perceptions, altered states of awareness.” The first notes from “Purple Haze,” an ode to LSD, the first single released by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, included the “Devil’s Interval”, the “Diabolus in Musica.”  So audacious and upfront. Breaking open the head with sonic waves!

I can’t say Hendrix was a musical “influence,” I play nothing like the man, but I have always been inspired by his fearless, sonic alchemy and his creative, tear down the walls, trail-blazing. Hendrix was a self-taught original. He played like no one else on the planet. This Saturday we are doing an acoustic version of his song “Little Wing.” It is a stunningly beautiful song. When I listen to Hendrix’ original, I just smile. Always. Always. Just smile! – Jammer

I just don’t have the rock and roll lifestyle thing worked out. We played a show last night at a classic Chicago neighborhood bar. It was another thrilling performance for our band whitewolfsonicprincess. It’s funny we thought we were a tight, committed band, but the last shows have shown that there are levels to tightness and commitment. We have entered a new phase, where the tightness, the connectedness have opened to a new looseness and confidence. Exhilarating and satisfying. And the hardcore drinkers at the bar stopped, listened, applauded, bended our ears to tell us how much the enjoyed the show and bought CDs too… definitely some kind of endorsement.

But anyway, up late and up early too. If I was totally rock and roll I’d sleep to noon for sure. But it seems no matter how late I stay up, I’m up early, brewing my coffee, checking out the internet, (this Hula Cam from Burning Man 2012 is amazing)… and listening to music too.

This morning I’m listening to Lou Reed and John Cale’s tribute to Andy Warhol, “Songs For Drella.” It was released in 1987.  I have no clue why it took me so long to finally buy it and listen to it. Maybe I read a bad review or something. New resolution – never fucking listen to a reviewer! The disc is just so beautiful, touching, amazing. I picked it up yesterday at the used CD store, and I’m so glad I grabbed it. I’m listening to it now, second time through this morning… it’s just such great, thrilling work. Love it. Sad too. Funny too. A great, great set of music… and oh yeah, I’m such an admirer of Andy Warhol… one of the greatest artists ever… so inspiring… I miss him too Lou! “All that matters is work.” – Andy Warhol – Jammer

We played the Elbo Room Saturday night (8.25.12). One of the great rock clubs in Chicago. A very photogenic scene. They have a real-deal stage with a professional back-line. We blasted through a 40 min set, a nice mix of originals and covers, although we’re thinking fewer covers and more originals next time. The sound guy did a fabulous job. Smiles all-around. Jammer debuted a new hat, which he has decided to immediately retire… a little bit too Fat Albert. Carla’s voice was in fine form: strong, entrancing; and Tim and Rich (bass & drums) proved again they are one of the best rhythm sections in the business. Are we in the business? The never-ending city tour continues… – Jammer

photo by Karen O’brien