r&r diary – “Sometimes things do work out!” – 03.30.15

henry rollins

Henry Rollins, when he was singing with the Rollins Group, had a song, don’t remember the title, but the chorus or main verse was something like: “Sometimes things don’t work out… sometimes happens all the time.”

It became one of our inside jokes around here. Funny, but oh so true. Conversely, sometimes things do work out. Much better than you could imagine. Such was the case yesterday.

whitewolfsonicprincess hosted a Sunday afternoon “variety show,” at the Red Line Tap. It was all my own idea, and I guess the big question was, “Will folks come out on a Sunday afternoon to hear and see music, standup comedy and go-go dancers?”

The answer was/is a resounding “Yes!” We ended up with a great little crowd. It was all so cool, and chill and fun. Surprising. Unexpected. Almost feels totally satisfying. Sometimes things do work out! – Jammer

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