r&r diary – “A band is like a shark…” – 03.05.15

wwsp @ underground wonder bar 03.04.15What’s that famous line from Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall?” – “A relationship is like a shark, you know, it has to constantly move forward or it dies…”  The same could be said about a band. It’s got to continue to move forward, to grow, evolve, morph.

We debuted a pretty unique lineup last night at the Underground Wonder Bar. It’s a big, powerful sound. For the first time we had Chuck Wasserburg on resonator and baritone guitar, Doug Johnson on a 6-string fretless bass, Steve Rutstein on drums and Randy Farr on percussion.  A beast of a band!

Carla was in full Snow Bunny mode.  We ran through 14 songs, about 90 mins of music. We finished the set with our cover of The Doors “Soul Kitchen.” When two young women got in front of the stage and started dancing to the groove, well, it was the sweetest, coolest way bring the set to a close! – Jammer

photo by Matt Dinerstein

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