r&r diary – Brief Visions of Light – 02.19.14

vision of lightChicago is a great town for doing the work. Especially in winter. Brief visions of light. An over-powering darkness. Makes you want to stay inside and apply yourself to dreaming. Our band has been busy recording songs in the studio, and writing and rehearsing new songs.

It’s best to just do the work, and not talk about it. I mean, talking about it can kill it. Still, I’m pleased to say that we continue to come up with new songs, and the band is riding a cool groove.

We came up with one song, a Fairport Convention/Celtic blues kind of tune. We thought it would be great to add a Celtic drum to the sound. Tim, our one of a kind bass player, said that he owned one, and that, of course, we could use it. Extraordinary. We are that kind of band! – Jammer

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