r&r diary – Another Green World Now! – 10.18.13

Yes, this week we jumped into bandcamp with both feet! It’s like a little ecosystem for bands, an underground, under the radar scene. Music of every conceivable genre is just waiting to be discovered there. We released two albums as digital downloads, our debut CD 10+1, and a 5 song EP “Live at St. Luke’s.” The EP was recorded & mixed on-site by Bill Stribling, the resident “phantom” of St. Luke’s, an extraordinary old Episcopalian church with amazing acoustics. It was a great show, the band was in fine form, and being in that intimidating, awe-inspiring, chamber seemed to bring out our best.

We are donating 50% of all proceeds from digital downloads to the The Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project. Their goal is to plant 10 million trees in 5 years in impoverished communities around the globe. We are honored to give back, and we hope people will buy our music and at the same time help us contribute to a noble and worthy cause. It’s a way of putting some of our own idealism into action!

Here’s to a greener future for all of us! “Enjoy the Music, Change the World!” – Jammer

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