r&r diary – Nick Cave the Next 007 – 10.30.12

I got it into my head that Nick Cave should be the next James Bond – 007.  He is a slightly desiccated and debauched gent of the first degree. He is a man of taste and distinction. He’s death-haunted, and love-doomed, and he seems to be locked in a battle with divine forces. And if reincarnation is real, Nick is the re-embodiment, the re-animation of Edgar Allan Poe’s spirit. If Poe lived today he’d surely be writing novels and screenplays, and he’d have a band like the Bad Seeds, and an edgy side-project like Grinderman. And hell, doesn’t he deserve his own cinematic franchise? And speaking of the Bad Seeds, is there a better, doom-laden, torn and discarded love-letter of a record than “No More Shall We Part?”  I think not… – Jammer

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