r&r diary – “All that matters is work.” – Andy Warhol – 9.23.12

I just don’t have the rock and roll lifestyle thing worked out. We played a show last night at a classic Chicago neighborhood bar. It was another thrilling performance for our band whitewolfsonicprincess. It’s funny we thought we were a tight, committed band, but the last shows have shown that there are levels to tightness and commitment. We have entered a new phase, where the tightness, the connectedness have opened to a new looseness and confidence. Exhilarating and satisfying. And the hardcore drinkers at the bar stopped, listened, applauded, bended our ears to tell us how much the enjoyed the show and bought CDs too… definitely some kind of endorsement.

But anyway, up late and up early too. If I was totally rock and roll I’d sleep to noon for sure. But it seems no matter how late I stay up, I’m up early, brewing my coffee, checking out the internet, (this Hula Cam from Burning Man 2012 is amazing)… and listening to music too.

This morning I’m listening to Lou Reed and John Cale’s tribute to Andy Warhol, “Songs For Drella.” It was released in 1987.  I have no clue why it took me so long to finally buy it and listen to it. Maybe I read a bad review or something. New resolution – never fucking listen to a reviewer! The disc is just so beautiful, touching, amazing. I picked it up yesterday at the used CD store, and I’m so glad I grabbed it. I’m listening to it now, second time through this morning… it’s just such great, thrilling work. Love it. Sad too. Funny too. A great, great set of music… and oh yeah, I’m such an admirer of Andy Warhol… one of the greatest artists ever… so inspiring… I miss him too Lou! “All that matters is work.” – Andy Warhol – Jammer

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