r&r diary – live @ the Elbo Room – 8.27.12

We played the Elbo Room Saturday night (8.25.12). One of the great rock clubs in Chicago. A very photogenic scene. They have a real-deal stage with a professional back-line. We blasted through a 40 min set, a nice mix of originals and covers, although we’re thinking fewer covers and more originals next time. The sound guy did a fabulous job. Smiles all-around. Jammer debuted a new hat, which he has decided to immediately retire… a little bit too Fat Albert. Carla’s voice was in fine form: strong, entrancing; and Tim and Rich (bass & drums) proved again they are one of the best rhythm sections in the business. Are we in the business? The never-ending city tour continues… – Jammer

photo by Karen O’brien


  1. But Jimmy, Fat Albert didn’t wear a hat…I think it was Weird Harold, one of his minions, who wore the hat?

    1. True Dat! I didn’t watch much Fat Albert as a child. But the hat definitely seems comic book retro… a little too big and floppy… I was gonna take it back to the store, but they don’t take returns… so I cinched it in the back… I think I’m gonna keep it. Adds to my comic book nature!

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