r&r diary – Eno – The Secret Agent of Pop – 7.25.12

If someone told us that Brian Eno is a real-world Elf starring as himself in the “Lord of the Rings”, we wouldn’t be surprised at all. Eno has always seemed a little other-worldly; he is an intelligent, super-inspiring, creative catalyst, and a consummate collaborator. He has had his finger in many, many musical pies. He is of course one of the originators of “ambient” music, and has collaborated on some great albums by Roxy Music, David Bowie, Robert Fripp, U2 and Talking Heads. Eno is a formidable secret agent of change. He always seems to be thinking outside the box, and he is always devising strategies to break the rules, and to see what happens. He approaches the creative process as a game to play.  And usually, the results are pretty amazing. It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what Eno does, but some of the albums he’s been associated with are the finest works you can imagine. For instance:  “Low,”  “Heroes,” “Unforgettable Fire,” “Joshua Tree,” “Achtung, Baby,” “Fear of Music,” “Remain in Light,” “My Life in the Bush with Ghosts”  – Imagine!  Eno Lives! – Jammer

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